Our Process

The Steps we Take

We do the job in one day only, with no mess and no hassle. Here is an example of the steps involved in the typical job we perform. • Remove the caulking between tub & tile. • Set up a ventilation system if the unit is occupied/thoroughly cover the work area, other exposed areas/ paper and masking. • Chemically clean the tub/ remove all oils/ body soap/ dirt and grime. • Remove waste and overflow cover (when possible) we do not remove the drain unless it is included in the estimate. • Remove any of the old porcelain glaze still left, leaving it dull and ready to prime. • We repair any visible chips 100% free with special patching compound. • Sand/ blend patched areas/ then sterilize to remove contamination. • The space is masked off including the floor and any areas that may have been missed when we first arrived. • Set-up hot turbine air unit/ exhaust system. • Bonding agent is applied to porcelain/ permanently fuses the glaze to the porcelain. • Areas are cleaned/ we remove the masking paper/ pack up our equipment/ and always inspect the work. • New bead of caulk is applied/ and we reinstall any hardware that was removed. • We give you printed instructions/ any questions you may have are answered. Please note that this process is for porcelain or tile fixtures. Although, the process for fibreglass, formica, and cultured marble is very similar to this.

Before We Arrive

Please clear all surfaces and areas where work will be done, and remove all items from tubs, showers, counters, and other areas in which we will be working. The better the area is cleared the faster we can get the job done.

Please move all furniture, paintings, vases, or any other valuable items 8-10 feet from work area. There may be an additional charge in some cases where there is an unusual amount of items that need to be protected.

Tubs, showers, and walls do not need to be cleaned before we arrive. Our process will take care of that for you.

Before We Arrive

No people or pets can be in the room where we are reglazing. This applies from the time we start the reglazing process, to 4 hours after we finish the work. If you have pets no matter what animal or species they need to be out of the room while we are working, even if kept in a cage or aquarium. There are no exceptions, sorry for the inconvenience. This is for your own safety and our peace of mind.

Please allow the area to air dry, ventilate for a minimum of 4 hours before re-entry. People with respiratory conditions, allergies, or other medical issues may consider to keep out of the house for a minimum of 4 hours to avoid problems from arising.

Please make necessary arrangements. The item(s) being reglazed will be ready for use in as little as 24 hours, we will let you know when it is safe to use your newly reglazed bathtub, at the end of our process.

Please keep us updated with any out of the ordinary matters, we need to be fully aware before we get there. This means any medical conditions, valuable items, special instructions for our technicians, or wether your dog bites, etc, need to be addressed.

Care and Maintenance

By following all the guidelines listed below, you will be assured many years of trouble-free service.

DO NOT use the surface for the time being, specified by us. Although the refinished surface can be put back into full use after this time, it may require up to 10 days to completely cure. Please observe the following:

DO NOT use any corrosive cleaners on or even near the refinished surface. Your new glossy finish can be easily cleaned with any mild liquid cleanser. Any cleaner approved for use on acrylic surfaces is allowed.

DO NOT use any abrasive scrubbing pads, they will scratch the new surface to harshly with repeated use.

DO NOT drop sharp or heavy objects on the finish. Although porcelain and fibreglass tubs are very sturdy this could easily damage the surface.

DO NOT have leaky faucets. This means that all faucets should be properly maintained by the owner and user, to protect the new surface. Faucets that leak are capable of leaving rust and hard water stains on the new finish.

DO NOT use hair dyes or drain openers can permanently stain the new finish. The introduction of any of these chemicals on the finish would be considered neglect and could possibly void any warranty given to you.

DO NOT use a rubber bath mat. We can apply a permanent non skid bottom for a slightly extra charge, to the finish when we are reglazing. Rubber mats could be a safety hazard and are unsanitary.