Here are Some Replacement Facts:

The old bathtub needs to be completely demolished so that it can be easily removed. The original installation was done early on, problems can appear where components were installed. All trash has to be removed, and that mess is brought to the landfill.
By the time all sub-contractors are paid for demolition, the price will increase more and more for the mess left from fixtures, landfill fees, plumbing, and tile.
Because of all the different sub-contractors with specialized skills involved in bathtub replacement, it take days or even weeks to get a bathtub replaced and ready for use.
Eco Friendly
It takes a lot of assets to manufacture a new tub. The energy to transport the new tub from the manufacturing facility, to the warehouse, store it, and bring it the owners home, along with all the tradesmen involved. will be a time consuming process. You will need to be very patient.
Down Time
It can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days to replace a new tub and tile.
Anytime you remove a fixture in an old house you may find that you are going to have to make costly repairs due to plumbing problems, termites, electrical, and dry rot from water damage.

Reglazing Facts

4 Hours is all it takes for us to get the job done. The immediate area is masked off and a exhaust system is put in place. We leave you with no mess, no hassles.
Down Time
You can use your bathtub as soon as 24hrs after we complete the job. Since you may have a busy schedule we want to be in and out as fast as possible.
No Removal
All work is done in your home with no mess. We leave everything looking like we were never there to began with.
You have the freedom to choose any colour. Your imagination is your only limitation.
For your protection all of our work comes with a written warranty.
We leave an easy to clean surface, all you need to do is spray liquid cleanser and wipe. Our surface is non porous so dirt will not get into the pores, like it did before.
Our material fuses with the existing substrate to create a chemical bond which ensures years of service. No peeling, and no discolouration.
Our company is fully licensed to help your peace of mind. Unlike other companies that may be offering their services for less, we are fully licensed, and will provide you with a written warranty.
Why are CleanCut products the ideal solution for easier bath accessibility?
We use our innovative and patented process of cutting and removing a section of your existing tub and custom fitting a CleanCut product to specifically fit your needs. Our products to allow for easier shower access and a couple of our products even allow you to switch between bathing and showering options. For more information, please open our Overview Brochure.
How do I learn more about Like New Tubs products and which product is right for me or my family?
Like New Tubs offers four unique and distinct products to provide easier accessibility into the bathtub. To understand options and differences, please open our Overview Brochure and refer to the last page that features a product comparison chart for easy reference!
How much does it cost to have CleanCut products installed?
The cost to install a Like New Tub product typically costs just 20% of the cost compared to traditional remodeling with an average cost of under $1,000, depending on the product selected. The cost of installation also varies based on type of bathtub, proximity to local installer and other factors. For more information on average install installation costs, please open our Overview Brochure.
How do I arrange to have CleanCut products installed in my home?
Like New Tubs has partnered with Independent Installation companies throughout the US and Canada. Please click here and we can connect you with a local Like New Tubs installation partner.
Can I purchase a DIY installation kit?
No. Unfortunately, Like New Tubs only sells our bath accessibility kits to registered Independent Installation Companies or commercial facilities that are completing the installation on behalf of a resident.
I still have questions! Can I talk to someone?
Please contact us by clicking here or calling toll-free at (877) 882-7837. We look forward to assisting you!