About us

If you made it this far, you probably want to know a little more information on myself and our company, to make you feel more comfortable with the work we will be preforming in your home. We were officially established in 1985 by my family, and myself (Grey Reay). We are extremely reliable, and treat you as part of the family through this entire process.

Our company has gone through a lot of change within the past twenty years. We have been in the Niagara region, specifically located in Glendale area since the very beginning. I was involved in the community, playing lacrosse for 35 years, and furthered my experience in reglazing shortly after. Being born and raised within St. Catharines gives us the ability to help others in our hometown, and make their living condition better. We have also expanded our work all the way to Hamilton, and all of the Niagara Region.

When we first started, there were only a few people doing what we were, now everywhere you turn you will come across someone who claims to know everything there is to know, about the reglazing business. By choosing us great quality is guaranteed.