Bathtub Reglazing

Residential bathtub reglazing is a solution we propose to many homeowners, that want to save time and money. If the bathtubs or sinks in your home, are starting to look scratched, chipped, or dated the solution is simple; throw away those old fixtures and buy new ones. but their is an easier, and cheaper conclusion. With the housing economy putting an instant mark on household budgets, homeowners are beginning to discover the hidden secret that hotel and apartment managers have known for a long time, but never told. You can save up to 80% in the cost of bathtub replacement by reglazing. How can you save such a huge amount of time and money invested by reglazing instead of replacing it? We are here to help you.

Quality is Guaranteed


The materials we use sure have changed over the years. The amount of drying time used to be counted in days, not hours like they are now, and for that everyone is grateful. It sure makes it easy for us to do the work required to make your bathtubs look good. Long gone are the heat lamps that we once used to bake the slow reacting hardeners and primers which were not meant to be used in our industry. Now all we need are bonding agents that fuse the material to the porcelain, and glazes that dry in minimal hours.

Our service is a terrific cost and time effective alternative while also helping to save our landfills ....."don't replace, make it like new".